5 Minutes Guided Meditation for Relaxation 🎧 (Audio)

Enjoy this relaxing and soothing 5-minute guided meditation audio track. Get rid of all the stress and anxiety in your body and feel the light of unconditional love, joy, and compassion.

You can listen to this meditation anytime and any place. Take a 5-minute break in between work and rejuvenate your mind.

Text below is the transcript of this guided mediation audio track.

Welcome to this guided meditation session. Be seated in a comfortable position. Keep your spine straight and relax your shoulders.

Feel free to either close your eyes or simply keep them open; however, you feel comfortable. Make sure that you’re absolutely comfortable before we start this session.

Take a slow and deep breath; wait to the count of three, and exhale all the way out. Notice how with each inhalation the breath enters your lungs, fills up your diaphragm, and finally reaches your belly.

Don’t exert any kind of pressure or try to force the pace of your breathing. Just take deep gentle breaths.

Feel the flow of cool air as you inhale and the warm air when you exhale.

Just relax your body and release all of accumulated stress and tension as you breathe out.

Bring your awareness to your shoulders and release all the tension.

Bring your awareness to the back of the head and neck. Release all the tension as you breathe out.

Now bring your awareness to the top of your head and notice a slight tingling sensation. Release all the tension from this area.

Feel the lightness in your head. You have released all the stress from your body. Feel the pleasant sensations and just relax.

Now bring your awareness back to the breath and simply observe the flow in and out all the way. Feel the cool and warm sensations as the breath enters and leaves your body.

Again bring your awareness back to the top of your head. Imagine a white bright ray of light entering your crown. This is the light of positivity, love, and compassion.

Allow the light to enter your crown and imagine your head filling up with all of this white light.

Allow the light to move further in your neck and shoulders and fill up your entire upper body.

Imagine the light moving all the way up to your heart and clearing out all negativity from your body. Now allow the light to fill up your entire body. You are now in an absolutely calm and restful place. Feel the calm and stillness within you.

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