A Vector Without Magnitude & Direction

Someone asked me, “if the person is a fiction and everything happens as per the cosmic law, what’s the point of teaching and listening?”

If this understanding is complete, then there is truly no point in listening to any teaching. However, teaching and listening will happen nonetheless.

When the mind realizes that it is an illusion, not through thinking, but through insight, which comes about in the impersonal awareness of I AM, it does not seek any further. The insight or understanding is not a function of time.

Listening to discourses may still happen as it is a part of phenomenality, but there is a deep recognition that there is no individual listener of anything. That the listener is the listening. The teacher is the teaching.

All pointers to non-duality are vectors without magnitude and direction. First, the pointer never pushes or asserts a particular viewpoint, only presents concepts and leaves the interpretation to the reader or listener. So there are no promises that the non-dual understanding will end your conflict. 

Second, there is no fixed path, direction, practice, method, technique, or prescription to bring about the understanding. The very search for a path or direction bring confusion, chaos, and conflict.

Even meditation, self-inquiry, or self-reflection are not prescriptions to bring about a change. The change happens as per the cosmic law and destiny of the individual mind-body organism.

People complain that trying to be effortless requires effort. Don’t confuse non-effort with doing. “Trying” to use effort, say in meditation, to arrive at effortlessness is futile. 

You cannot “do” anything to be effortless. It is extremely challenging for the conditioned mind to stop movement. Effortlessness is stillness that is your true nature.

Doing anything with the intention of being still is not going to bring peace. It is not going to end the conflicts. The effortlessness comes only in the BEING or I AM, which cannot be “arrived at” by the individual as it is the ground of all experiential awareness. It is closer to you than anything else. See and BE.

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Jagjot Singh

Jagjot is an Indian-born spiritual writer and speaker who talks about non-duality or Advaita. He adopts a practical approach to non-duality rather than following fixed traditional systems and religious dogmas. He is the author of three books: The End of Me & My story, Meditation is Not About Emptying Your Mind, and Bitten By The Energy Serpent - A New Perspective on Kundalini. Jagjot believes that spiritual awakening has to be verified through direct personal experience, and the ultimate objective, so as to speak, is to cultivate peace of mind and daily living.
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