Everything You Need to Know About the First Chakra ~ Root Chakra Healing


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  2. The second is a PDF document that contains root chakra worksheets, affirmations, and some other information resources like essential oils, stones, crystals, etc. The worksheets are designed to help you make a weekly assessment of your healing progress. And finally.
  3. The third is the 30-minute guided meditation track (mp3) – I recommend that you listen to this guided meditation track at least thrice a week for rapid healing.

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A small disclaimer before we proceed further

By taking this course, you’re assuming full responsibility for your own healthcare. This course is not aimed at diagnosing and treating any kind of physical or mental health-related problems. If you have serious health conditions, please consult with your healthcare provider.

Introduction To The First Chakra (Root Chakra)

First (Root) Chakra

In this course, we’re going to learn about the first chakra or the root chakra, also known as the Muladhara chakra, and discuss ways to unlock its full potential to bring vitality and happiness in daily living. My approach to chakra healing is based on bringing awareness to the psychological processes in the mind.

Healing is not possible without awareness. When I say awareness, I mean going into the root cause of your stresses, anxieties, traumas, and other psychological ailments that negatively affect your well-being.

By the end of this course, you will have a clear understanding of how your external conflicts are related to the unconscious processes running in your mind.

You will understand how the psychological and emotional body influences the physical body. And how you create a life of joy, happiness, safety, security, and abundance, by understanding your foundation or the root energy system.

Let’s begin with a short introduction to the chakras. What are they? And how do they impact us? Chakras are the energy points in the spiritual body that govern our physical and mental well-being. The word chakra is Sanskrit for the English word wheel.

The wheel spins to facilitate the energy the movement in and out of it. Whenever there is an obstruction in the movement of energy, the chakra is said to be blocked or imbalanced. It can either be overactive, in which case the energy flowing through it is in excess, or underactive when the energy flow is deficient.

Both of these scenarios are undesirable and result in psychosomatic ailments. When the energy flowing across all the chakras is optimal, they are said to be in a balanced state. This course aims to create a strong foundation that will help you maximize your human potential by balancing the root chakra – the very first chakra associated with safety, security, vitality, material needs, and emotional stability.

The Complete Seven-Chakra Bundle (Instant Download)

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The Seed of Consciousness

When the cosmic consciousness manifests itself as the localized consciousness, something arises out of the nothingness – a form out of the formlessness – It is the seed that contains the blueprint of our physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual body.

It is the divine energy that creates matter in the form of the human mind-body complex and infuses it with the life force known as the prana.

Prana is the vital energy that differentiates between the alive (sentient) and the dead (insentient). This quality of aliveness and awareness is a characteristic feature of this vital energy.

It is what enables us to think, feel, and emote. All humans have it. The animals have it. And even the plants and insects have it. But the prana does not flow in insentient things like rocks and stones.

Your physical body and mind are expressions of the higher chakras, the seeds of which lie in the root chakra. It is the origin of all material and psychic phenomena. You know! We don’t realize the true importance of our physical bodies.

All our life, we abuse it by poisoning, polluting, and damaging it with intoxicants and harmful substances. For many people, it takes sickness, decay, an accident, a life-threatening disease, or an old-age disability to fully appreciate the beauty of this body.

Our body allows us to have meaningful interactions within this 3-dimensional world. We experience all the pleasures of life through this body using our sensory organs. Yet, we take it for granted.

Activating the root chakra energy creates wisdom that helps to understand and take care of the body. This is done by shedding awareness on some of the negative psychological tendencies that cause blockages in the first chakra.

I’m pretty sure that after completing this course, you will have a newfound respect for your physical body, you will treat it with love and respect, and never deny and deprive yourself of your essential bodily needs.

The root chakra healing is all about ensuring physical and psychological safety. It is about survival, vitality, emotional regulation, and taking care of the material needs like food, water, shelter, sexuality, and financial wellbeing.

It creates the drive in you to achieve your worldly goals by clearing mental blocks. Root chakra alignment is extremely important. Just think about it for a minute. Can you be a spiritual person if you’re sick or if you’re survival needs are not taken care of? You can’t!

People who struggle financially have to first think of solving their financial mess – the mortgages, credit card debts, student loans, and other expenses.

It’s not that the root chakra will magically make you wealthy without putting effort. No! As I mentioned earlier, it gets rid of the mental blocks – the impotent thinking or the sense of helplessness and the fears and feeling of unworthiness that prevents you from achieving your life goals.

It helps you to mindfully assess your real survival needs as opposed to the fantasies you’ve created in your mind. It breaks the pattern of unrealistic thinking and unproductive behaviors.

That’s why root chakra is so important. If you haven’t worked on this, there’s no point trying to open your third eye or attain deep spiritual wisdom. Sorry to break this bubble, but it’s not going to work.

Even if you unintentionally activate higher chakras before you open the root chakra, you’re going to be back on square one because deep-embedded unhealthy tendencies and behaviors will come back to bite you hard.

You will fall back into unconscious traits like anger, rage, restlessness, irritation, anxiety, depression, and more. You will feel trapped and helpless. And it’s a downward spiral into the darkness from there onwards.

Please understand this, there is an animalistic aspect to our existence that has been a part of our collective unconscious since the beginning of human evolution. What differentiates our behavior from that of animals is that we have the intellect to differentiate between our actions, unlike animals.

Animals are purely driven by instinct. They eat when they want and do anything they like. They kill other animals out of fear. It is all compulsion-driven and instinctual. They don’t the consciousness to discriminate like humans.

We humans can reflect on what’s good for us and what’s not. We understand what gives us temporary pleasure as opposed to abiding happiness. For example, a piece of savory might feel good for a brief moment, but most of us know that it has to be consumed within limits; otherwise, it harms the body.

An animal cannot do that. And when our root chakra is dysfunctional, we resort to comfort or what is also known as emotional eating, despite knowing that it’s not good for us. We lose control. We’re unable to see the big picture and think long-term.

We become unconsciously instinctual like animals and become completely disconnected from the logical and rational part of our brains – the frontal lobes.

By opening the first chakra, you become calm, patient, observant, and empathic instead of blindly giving way to uncontrolled-irrational impulses. We see so much of it today, in the form of cancel culture. We dismiss people for having a different opinion. It’s because our primal fear kicks in, and we feel threatened.

I see a generation of over-sensitive and self-entitled people who just can’t handle critical feedback, even if it’s given with good intentions. They are unwilling to take responsibility for their actions, and the worst part is that they wear their suborn attitude as if it’s a badge of honor.

Even having a casual conversation with these people feels like playing a baseball match. They’re holding the bat to deflect every argument without even making an ‘iota’ of effort to pause and reflect.

I sense pain in them. It’s evident that some childhood wounds have not been addressed. They’ve not been taught to resolve emotional conflicts healthily but use escape as a means to avoid them.

Dismissing and attacking other people is a defense mechanism, an escape to avoid discomfort within. We’re unwilling to even listen to what others have to say if the information conflicts with our personal beliefs and ideas. We feel scared because it triggers something within us, and we don’t know how to deal with it.

If you’re one of these people, I want you to know that I don’t think of you as evil. There’s nothing wrong with you. You are innocent and pure. It’s just that you’re hurt because you were not acknowledged or allowed to express yourself, your wants, needs, and desires.

Everything was suppressed and repressed to a point where you became emotionally numb. Your oversensitivity is the creation of your wounded inner child. It is a defense mechanism of the ego to protect itself.

Despite failing every time, this inner child of yours is unwilling to learn. It has accepted its miserable condition and sense of helplessness. And now it’s gone into hiding. See! You must understand that this oversensitivity of yours is a fragile ego. It is one of the most painful things to have.

Opening the first chakra empowers you emotionally. Only an emotionally empowered person can make a positive change in the world. You cannot change people by hurting or shaming them but by developing compassion for yourself and others.

The very fact that you’ve made the effort to read this course is a sign that you’re aware of your shortcomings and are willing to change. Don’t underestimate yourself. Even this realization is rare.

It’s a sign of expanding consciousness, and you’ve chosen love over angst, calm over anxiety, compassion, and empathy over selfishness, and are willing to embrace all the physical and emotional discomfort to reach that place.

You have woken up from deep sleep. It marks the beginning of the end of the egoic self and waking up to the divinity that you truly are.

First (Root) Chakra Symbol & Color Meaning

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine. It forms the foundation on which the higher chakras are built. The Sanskrit word Muladhara is made up of two words, Mula, meaning the root, and Adhara, the foundation.

That’s why I give so much importance to the root chakra because spiritual progress is not possible if the foundation is weak. This chakra represents solidity where the core element is earth.

Therefore, it gives us the strength to pursue and achieve our goals. Not just the physical strength but also the psychological strength. It gives the endurance to withstand obstacles.

It is represented as a red-colored four-petalled lotus with a center that contains a square and a triangle. I won’t go deep into the symbological and scriptural aspects of root chakra because that’s not our objective here. We’re not here to become scholars. We’re here to learn and heal our energy system. And that’s what we’ll stick to in this and also the other chakra courses.

Red color, according to ancient Hindu traditions, signifies awakening, evolution, the birth of human consciousness, and the shift from the primitive animalistic form to higher forms of consciousness that leads to self-awareness and spiritual evolution. The four lotuses indicate the creation of psychological tendencies related to:

  • Kama or desire – the desire for physical and psychological safety, emotional fulfillment, pleasures, and sensuality.
  • Artha – a purposeful life with financial fulfillment.
  • Dharma – leading a virtuous with principles and ethics.
  • Moksha – which is for spiritual attainment and liberation.

This is a text-based snippet of my audio course on root chakra healing. If you like it so far and feel this is right for you, you can purchase the full course here.

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