Guided Meditation To Release Uncomfortable Sensations [Video]

This guided meditation video has been recorded in a live environment (on my home terrace) with all kinds of sounds such as honking of cars, airplane flying, and other random noises. The idea is to attend to uncomfortable sensations (thoughts, feelings and emotions) that arise from listening to these sounds.

Guided Meditation Video

How This Guided Meditation helps Release Uncomfortable Sensations?

The irritation that rises up in awareness is not because of the stimulus. But the ego thinks about it in a different way. It identifies external sounds as the cause of restlessness and irritation. In this meditation, we breathe into the sensation totally surrendering to “what is.”

The mind becomes restless because it desires silence, but that is not in our control. So what do we do? We simple watch whatever arises, let it play out, and then release it. When we do this often, we learn to let go of the uncomfortable feelings and sensations.

There is no resistance or suppression to any thought that comes up. No matter how troubling, we welcome all thoughts, and allow them to play.

Doing this often, we begin to understand the gap between the external sound and the result feeling. We are not the feelings. We are pure awareness in which the feelings arise. When this much is understood, the unpleasant energy begins to dissipate. The thoughts still come up, but there’s no one to take ownership.

In practical life situations, we do not get to choose our environment every moment. For example, I live in India, New Delhi, and there’re three houses being constructed near my house. On top of that, honking is a habit with Indian automobile drivers. So an occasional “peep peep” is something I encounter on a daily basis.

The incessant noise from the environment is impossible to stop. Yet, I am at peace. I am not the thoughts. I am the pure unchanging eternal awareness in which the world is an appearance. Till, I think, I remain bound. The moment I let go, I am free. Freedom is not true nature.