I See God’s Love Everywhere (A Short Poem)

When the dark clouds descend, I seek comfort in words.

The ignorant ones seek imperfection in perfection.

Where is the love that we mortals seek to be found?

What I truly desire, I cannot find apart from you anywhere.

Now I see God’s love everywhere.

I thought I was small and insignificant.

The poison of doubt clouded my mind.

While you showered love beyond measure.

I frantically looked for you here and there,

Now I see God’s love everywhere.

The little “me” foolishly assumes that you live afar.

That your world is separate from mine.

I thought that your ears were deaf to the perils of humanity.

Forgive me, oh lord, for I failed to see your great wisdom in suffering that is always here.

Now I see God’s love everywhere.

What a blessing it is to be awake and alive.

What a fool I have been to deny your glory.

You still held my hand and walked me through the path of life.

How come you’re always there?

Now I see God’s love everywhere.

Thank you for lighting the lamp of love in my heart.

May the light of the beloved reach all.

May all be awake to your glory and eternal grace.

No one is left out in your dominion; your kingdom is right here.

Now I see God’s love everywhere.


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