Is karma the Cause of Suffering?

Akhil.: Let’s say that A has no previous karmic account with B. But A does a new KRIYAMAAN KARMA, and out of that karma, does something bad to B. Now, A will suffer in this lifetime or another. But the question is B, who neither got this bad event written in his Prarabdha nor any previous karmic account with A suffered. So, does that mean anybody can hurt us out of his KRIYAMAAN KARMA and make us suffer without any Prarabdha?

Jagjot.: The big question is, who is the doer of karma? You. Me. Or God? If A does karma that hurts B, the question that needs to be examined is if “A” was really the doer of his/her action. Does “A” act with complete volition, or are there forces beyond A’s control that cause him to perform an act? If we say that A has complete volition, then there’s no meaning to God’s Will and destiny. 

But I believe that no one is the doer and that God’s Will prevails alone. We were never in control of anything, starting from the family, religion, geography, and culture in which we were born. The school we went to and the education that shaped our personality. We are also not in control of our own breathing and heartbeat. 

We are the way we are because the creator designed us like that. The problem is that unable to accept this; we try to be like someone else. We live in comparison and compete with others. However, when I completely surrender to God’s Will and accept that I am what he made me, then I’m not bothered. I’m free from guilt, shame, blame, hate, malice, resentment, jealousy, and so on. 

I’m free from the burdens of the past and also the fear of the future. In other words, while living in the karmic cycle, I become free of all karma. And that is precisely what I mean by peace in daily living. It does not mean that the ups and downs in life will not show up. Life will continue to bring trials and challenges. However, knowing that I’m free, that I’ve always been free, and will continue to be free, I remain in peace irrespective of the situation.

My experience is that no one chooses to do bad to others, and suffering is believing that we are the “doers” of our actions. It frees us from the burden of the past. God appearing as nature, alone is the karta or doer. It is true that hurt happens, but there is no individual doer that acts alone. People who hurt others are wounded themselves. 

Can we blame their parents, grandparents, society, and so on? If I am not the doer, the “other” also is not. If this concept is fully realized, there is no question of any suffering. So karma by itself is not the cause of suffering. Suffering comes from the meaning we assign to the acts we think we are doing.

The ego-mind likes to pin the blame on others. It wants to know the cause because it wants to feel in control. Our suffering is only rooted in our thoughts and beliefs. It has nothing to do with the reality of the moment. Investigate who is really causing the hurt and who is being hurt. You will notice that it is the trap of the ego-mind spinning like a whirlpool with the same thoughts appearing repeatedly. Allow the mind to settle, and you’ll know the truth.

"All activities are carried out by the three modes of material nature. But in ignorance, the egoic individual, deluded by false identification with the body, thinks of itself as the doer" - Bhagavat Gita (Chapter 3, Verse 27).

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