Listen To Your Heart

Directly Seeing Things Without the Filtered Perception

Mind is a piece of fiction, but the Heart is the center of stillness and serenity. Trust your Heart as it is the Self (the pure consciousness). The Heart does not communicate in time as logic. It simply is the being that is here and now, this ever-present now. In moments of confusion and conflict, it is the Heart that guides and brings peace and not the mind.

I’m not undermining the role of the mind and rational thinking in daily living. Critical thinking is essential to widen one’s worldview; however, it is limited. It is easy for the mind to get caught up in concepts, stories, and ideas about life, people, and the nature of things. The mind can never know What-Is – the unaltered flow of life. The Heart, having on center and limitations, opens up to this unaltered and unpredictable flow of life.

The mind cannot know anything in totality because it is an inference born out of conditioned thoughts. The appearance of thinking produces the notion of a container that we call the mind. There is no mind. Only the Heart is unconditional love which is your very nature.

It is neither within nor outside. It is not the limited organ on the left side of your chest. It is not the feelings, sensations, and emotions that you experience. It is the pure, limitless, and non-discriminating awareness that manifests as your experience of aliveness.

Seek refuge in the Heart that is this very moment, and you’ll find that you are free and have always been free. What appears as the limited entity “me” is a conceptual thought that believes itself to be in bondage. There is no bondage. Ashtavakra Gita says you are the witness of the phenomenal world that remains unaffected by the things happening around you. The witness is the Heart.

The Heart is never in doubt or conflict; that is always your mind. The mind being an illusion, cannot go beyond using logic and thinking. You cannot objectify the Truth. You cannot perceive it as an object of your experience because it is what makes perception possible. Therefore, you cannot know the Heart objectively. You are the Heart.

Just as sunshine is not separate from the sun, so are you not separate from the Heart. No matter how hard you try to know your true nature, you cannot know it as an object. Yet, it is here, in this very moment, as aliveness, radiance, and beauty. When your mind surrenders and rests in the Heart, you will experience a sense of overwhelming joy and deep stillness.

Sit in silence and let everything dissolve into pure awareness. Let the essence come to “you” rather than chasing it. Let your mind do whatever it wants. Trust your Heart! Allow for effortlessness to manifest and bring the glory of the pure essence without trying to name or label it. Surrender to the moment and discover the joy of true happiness and peace.

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