The Power of Unlocking The Foundation Energy Audio Book is an exciting journey into self-awareness and healing the painful aspects of life by aligning the root energy system of the etheric body. It’s a small audio book with a running length of 1-hour, but the information presented is highly potent & transformational.

Have you ever wondered how your own mind creates hurdles in your quest for success, fulfillment, and happiness?

Do you experience a disconnect with your vital energy and stuck in the repeating unproductive behavioral patterns, feeling unworthy of love, joy, freedom, and abundance?

Do you have a hypersensitive personality that creates problems in work and relationships? Are you ready to let go of the negativity that’s holds you back?

Are you ready to let go of your self-limiting beliefs, reclaim your lost authenticity, be emotionally empowered, and fulfill your human potential?

Are you ready for personal growth, transformation, and spiritual development?

If your answer to the above questions is yes, then I invite you to an in-depth root chakra healing course, where I will guide you to activate your root energy body and live the life that you desire.

Why Listen To This AudioBook?

The Foundation (Root) Chakra Healing is for those who’re struggling with their base energy system. Not only that, but it also creates a strong foundation for higher chakra healing and spiritual development.

I believe that we’re much more than this mind and body combination we believe ourselves to be. In essence, we are the spirit. Therefore, healing has to take place not just at the physical and emotional level, but also at the spiritual level.

In this audio book, we shall attempt to understand the root cause of our afflictions and thee challenges that we face in life. What really ails us? Why we feel unhappy? Why we feel unworthy of love? Why do we have so many self-limiting beliefs? And what stops us from creating the life we desire?

This Book Will Be of Immense Help,
IF …

  • You’re struggling to find meaning in life and living. In other words, you feel stuck in a mindset that prevents you from experiencing the joy and juice of daily living.
  • You feel scared making decisions for yourself fearing that it will leave you with guilt in future.
  • You make implusive buying decisions that often lead to financial burden.
  • You feel that you’re nobody, and that you have to make an effort to earn love and respect from people around you.
  • You frequently experience emotional outbursts that cause rifts in friendships and relationships.
  • You’re a HSP (highly sensitive person). There’s nothing wrong about being sensitive, but it shouldn’t stop you from exploring new ideas & possibilities.
  • You feel impatient and have trouble in grounding yourself during challenging situations.
  • You feel lonely, unsupported, and misunderstood. The book gives us a glance into some common life traps that we get embroiled into.

Go Slow And At Your Own Pace

This book contains some dense material that’ll require you to pause and reflect after completing each section, so take your time and go at your own comfortable pace.

The following is a sample audio clip from the course.

The course contains: 1-hr audio, 20-min guided meditation, and Root Chakra worksheets (PDF)

Rediscover freedom, vitality, security, stability, and abundance. Begin your journey of physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual healing by harnessing the power of root energy.

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What You’ll Get In This AudioBook …


1-Hour Audio (MP3)

High quality audio narration in MP3 format. It forms the core material of this audio book.


Printable Worksheets (PDF) For The Root Chakra

Includes root chakra worksheets (9-page PDF document) to help you assess your progress in the healing journey.

chakra meditation audio tracks

Guided Meditation Audio Track

Includes a 20-minute guided meditation track that has powerful affirmations to break self-limiting beliefs.

jagjot singh book author

Who am I?

Hi! My name is Jagjot Singh. I’m the creator/narrator of this audio book and the blog MindfulnessQuest. A couple of years back, I worked as a software developer for major corporations in New Delhi, India. I worked relentlessly for 13 years until I reached a tipping point where I lost my capacity to feel love.

A couple of years back “something” happened. I experienced an energy surge that awakened my heart and showed me, what I can, to the best of ability, describe as the “unconditional love.” Ever since I have been sharing my insight and experiences with the objective of helping others to discover the truth themselves.

What You’re Going To Learn

  • Introduction A complete overview of the foundation root chakra & the energy body.
  • Root Chakra Imbalance How does the root energy get blocked?
  • Reason for Financial Woes Why we struggle financially & how it relates to the energy?
  • Restlessness & Irritation Why we continually experience this undercurrent of discomfort which finds expression in anger & anxiety?
  • Fear, Insecurity & Unworthiness How fears and feelings of unworthiness create deep-rooted afflictions both consciously and subconsciously?
  • Birth Trauma & Childhood Wounds Why we take blame for things that were not in our control.
  • Grounding Techniques Three simple but effective techniques to center and ground yourself.
  • Survival & Security Understanding our real survival needs & feel safe.
  • Guided Meditation 25-Minutes guided meditation audio track for healing. Helps in calming fears, stress, worry, and more.

Grounding Techniques, Guided Meditation, Worksheets At Very Reasonable Cost. What Are You Waiting For?

Please Note: On purchase, the audio files (mp3) links and other resources will be emailed to you. This is a digital download so NO physical copy (like CD) will be sent.



The information and eLearning courses provided by MindfulnessQuest are not designed as a treatment for individuals experiencing a mental health condition. Nothing on this website and in any of the courses we offer should be viewed as a substitute for professional therapy or advice (including, without limitation, medical advice).

Taking this course, we assume that you take full responsibility for your physical and mental health. In case of severe health symptoms of anxiety, depression, or other psychological disorders, please consult a certified therapist or practitioner, and use this course only as a supplement to professional advice.

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