The chakra worksheets help us to better understand ourselves and heal by bringing awareness to the innermost afflictions. Aligning chakras help with enhancing your creative potential, emotional regulation, and raises consciousness to find peace and fulfillment in both materially and spiritually life.

The chakra healing bundle contains worksheets for all the 7-chakras (PDF/Printable file) that will help align your chakras and greatly benefit your quest to heal the energy body.

DIGITAL FILES ONLY. INSTANT DOWNLOAD – No physical print will be sent to you. You will receive digital files only.


Chakra worksheets PDF is an excellent journaling resource that helps in physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

A lot of thought has been put into designing this product, and the nature of questions asked is such that they enable you to self-reflect and release deep-seated fears, troubling emotions, and innermost self-limiting beliefs you carry within.


We have also included a free chakra reference guide that is a 7 page PDF file that concisely gives all the information about the 7 chakras. Additionally, we have included a free 7-page chakra affirmations PDF. Each chakra printable contains the following information sections:

  • Basic information about the chakra: Sanskrit word, element, seed mantra, color, location, and the associated gland
  • Symptoms of Imbalance
  • Chakra Healing Affirmations
  • Chakra Healing Yoga Postures
  • Physical Symptoms Associated with the Dysfunctional Chakras.
  • Chakra Healing Essential Oils.
  • Chakra Healing Stones & Crystals.



How do I Use the Worksheets to Align My Chakras?

You can refer to the chakra reference sheets while filling up the worksheets. By referring to the information provided in the reference sheets, you can get to know which of your chakras urgently needs balancing (by checking against the symptoms of imbalance). For example, if you are suffering from high anxiety, it’s an indication of a misaligned root and solar plexus chakra, with a major focus on the solar plexus.

We recommend maintaining a file containing printouts of both PDF files (worksheet + information guide) and keeping yourself in check. We have also recommended a visualization exercise at the bottom of every worksheet to help you achieve faster results. I’m sure you will love this 7 chakra worksheet bundle. And if you have any doubts or queries, please feel free to contact me by filling up the contact page form.

These worksheets and the accompanying free information guide will help you to:

  • Assess and understand the problematic areas (both physical and psychological)
  • Help you in understanding the symptoms of your energy blockage.
  • Heal all the chakras (removing the energy blocks) using the visualization techniques mentioned in every worksheet.
  • The information guide will provide you with the resources required for chakra alignment in one complete document.
  • Enable you to keep track of your chakras by periodic journaling.

How will I receive the files?

After you complete your purchase, you will receive an email notification that your digital download is available. The email will show your order details along with a list of download items. Just clicking on the download link will download that particular item.

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The download links will be sent directly to your email Inbox.

  • Instant Download (2 PDF Files)
  • Total Printable Items: 21 (7 pages chakra worksheet + 7 FREE chakra information pages + 7 FREE chakra affirmations)
  • This item contains worksheets for all 7 chakras.
  • Available In Sizes: US Letter (8.5×11 inches), A4 (8.27 × 11.69 inches)


Your files will be available to download once the payment is confirmed. If there’s an issue, please contact us.

Refund Policy

We don’t accept returns, exchanges or cancellations as this is a digital product.

Please Note

  • Colors may vary by printer.
  • Please feel free to reach out for any queries, suggestions, or clarifications.
If you’re an energy healer feel free to use these worksheets with your clients. Please do not copy, sell, alter, share or distribute online in any way. If you have a query or doubt, please get in touch with me.

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