Root Chakra Healing: A Powerful Guide To Unblock The First Chakra

root chakra healing

The root chakra healing ensures survival, safety, stability, vitality, and fulfillment of our emotional needs. It helps us fulfill our material needs such as food, water, shelter, health, and wealth.

It is the very first chakra of the etheric body located at the base of the spine – just below the tailbone. According to traditions, it is the resting place of the primordial energy, known as Kundalini. The root chakra is also known as the Muladhara chakra in Sanskrit.

A blockage or imbalance of energy flow within the root chakra adversely affects our physical and mental health. What I mean by “blockage” is that the optimal amount of energy should flow in and out of the chakra system.

If the energy flow is in access, the chakra is overactive. And when the energy flow is deficient, the chakra is underactive. Both of these conditions create undesirable effects.

The root chakra is symbolically represented as a four-petalled lotus associated with four sounds that are the keys to activating this chakra. It is said to be the foundation for higher chakras and spiritual wisdom.

Activating the root chakra helps us ground ourselves and gives the feeling of security and safety. Therefore, taking care of one’s (survival) material needs is essential for balancing the root chakra. 

However, neglecting one’s primal needs or excessively indulging in sense-pleasures in the name of survival will adversely affect this chakra.

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Signs of Blockage In The Root Chakra

Fear blocks the root chakra. Not the actual fear but the perceived one. As hunter-gatherers living in the wild, fear was a helpful tool that protected us from external threats, like a wild animal’s attack. 

It triggers the fight-or-flight response as a defense mechanism for protection from imminent danger.

However, today we rarely encounter such threatening situations, but the perceived fear arises as a part of the body’s defense mechanism. Our bodies have learned to respond to fear in a particular way through evolution, even to non-threatening situations.

Fear of survival is common, but today, we associate survival not with actual threats but with events that we anticipate can adversely impact the future. Our anticipation comes from our past experiences and conditioning thereof. 

For example, the thought of going bankrupt despite having enough money is an irrational fear. It is a bad situation to be in, but even if we go bankrupt, it doesn’t threaten our life in the same way as an attack from a wild animal, yet our bodily response is the same. 

Uncertainty coupled with volatility keeps us chasing wealth, fame, adulation, and relationships, one after the other, in the hope of securing ourselves physically and emotionally. It’s like being stuck in a rut. We keep running without knowing what it is that we actually want.

All of these fears get buried deep within the root chakra. They randomly manifest as unconscious behaviors such as anger, restlessness, irritation, anxiety, and even depression.

Some of the symptoms of a blocked root chakra are as follows:

Restlessness and Irritation

People with blocked root chakra find it difficult to accept things the way they are and settle down. They feel the need to change things frequently, like jobs, relationships, material possessions like cars and smartphones, or even change the place where they live. They’re driven by impulsivity rather than rational thinking.


People with blocked root chakra have deep insecurities. They feel insecure about their job, health, relationships, and more. They create fears fuelled by their insecurities, which further increases the blockage.


They are unable to control their emotions and get triggered easily. As I mentioned earlier, the fears trapped within their root chakra manifest in the form of anger time and again.

Lack of Focus 

Due to restlessness, it’s difficult to keep patience and focus on one particular task. People with dysfunctional root energy move from one task to another without completing any of them.

Financial Problems 

People with imbalanced root energy constantly struggle with finances. They work hard to earn more money, and even if they do get it somehow, it doesn’t stay with them for long. 

Such people lose money as fast as they earn it. They spend more money than they earn. They also feel that they need to be in control of the finances in the family.


They are highly codependent because they cannot deal with their emotional issues. They fear abandonment so much that they are even willing to undergo abuse at the hands of other people. They are people-pleasers. 

In a codependent relationship, they derive their identity from their partner. In such cases, the relationship usually takes on an obsessive quality, and accordingly, their behaviors become self-sabotaging. They feel responsible for other people’s emotions.

Dysfunctional relationships 

They lack social skills and have difficulty trusting other people. They generally tend to have strained relationships and fear losing control and power. The obsessive need for control takes precedence over other things in such relationships. 

Such people become impulsively reactive and fight over minor issues. They don’t trust their partner, and hence, feel the need to control all aspects of the relationship to feel secure.


People with imbalanced root energy tend to put up appearances in front of others. They are never their genuine self. They usually have low self-esteem and fear that others will invalidate them if they show their real emotions. 

Hence, they create a fake persona and project it to gain the attention of others. Deep down, they feel unworthy and fear that people will abandon them if they get to know who they are. 

What they don’t realize is that it’s painful to live like this, and at some point, they will eventually break down from the burden of this self-created image.

Inability to take action

Blocked root chakra makes people feel helpless. It stops them from taking action on their goals. They remain so concerned about protecting their false image that they evaluate everything from that perspective. 

So if their goal enhances their false appearance, they go for it; otherwise, they abandon it, which is usually the case.

These problems stem from fears trapped in the root chakra, which find expression in the higher chakras. Therefore, to open up your root chakra, it’s essential to recognize your fears, accept them and finally let them go.

Any event that threatens our basic survival has its impact imprinted onto the root chakra. This chakra starts developing at an early age.

If our basic childhood needs are met with love, understanding, and affection, the blockage in root chakra is unlikely, but that’s usually not the case with a majority of people.

Any form of verbal, mental, or physical abuse results in fear accumulation within the root energy center.

For example, in childhood, when we repeatedly see our parents struggling with finances and fighting over related issues, we subconsciously develop the fear of losing money in the future.

There will be problems when the root chakra is either underactive or overactive. An underactive root chakra has low energy flow, whereas an overactive chakra will have a high energy flow.

For example, an overactive root chakra manifests itself in anger, aggression, control, and greediness. People with the overactive root chakra are stubborn and have difficulty accepting any change.

Whereas, in the case of an underactive root chakra, the underlying symptoms are: lack of focus, lethargy, undisciplined lifestyle, anxiety, and feeling of disconnection from the world.

How To Unblock The Root Chakra

Now that we have some basic understanding, let’s look at a few pointers to activate the root chakra.

Releasing Doubt and Fear

As we discussed earlier, fear is why the root chakra gets blocked.
We cannot release anything that we don’t understand. Therefore, self-knowledge is the key to releasing doubts and fears. Observe your fears and get to the root of their existence.

Once acceptance is there, the fear loses its power to influence the mind, and the associated uncomfortable feelings begin to dissipate.

Despite knowing that our fears hold us back, we still give into them. Our brain tends to seek comfort or the path of least resistance. What’s familiar seems comfortable, even when it’s destroying us from within.

The problem is that most of our fears lie hidden in the vast depths of the subconscious. However, when the conscious mind becomes restful, it creates space to illuminate the subconscious’s dark pits and even the unconscious containing hidden feelings, traits, tendencies, fear, perversions, and the rest of coveted stuff.

Fears come from thoughts based on your past experiences and social conditioning. This conditioning runs deep into our psyche. It can be extremely challenging to uncover some of these hidden traits, and there’s no guarantee that we’ll be able to change them overnight or at all, but being aware in itself brings a sense of relief and lightness.

Practicing self-care routines like breathing exercises, root chakra yoga poses, eating health-boosting foods, and practicing meditation can help in the process. Additionally, root chakra affirmations are a powerful way to open the root energy center.

Meditation is a potent practice that can speed up chakra (all of them) healing by clearing the mind of negative traits and tendencies. The chakras are unlocked when the mind is calm, and the energy naturally flows upwards.

Importance of Connection With Earth

Earth is one of the elements of the root chakra, and anything that grounds you strengthen it. It helps establish a healthy balance and stability, contributing to overall wellness.

It’s essential to keep healthy gratitude towards mother earth for providing the necessary support for material existence. We do not realize this but nature goes all the way to help us. It provides us with warmth, food, and nourishment.

Nature is the most outstanding teacher, and it’s crucial to maintain a healthy relationship with it. You don’t have to live like a monk in the mountains to connect with nature.

A simple activity like taking a walk in a nearby park for just ten minutes every day is beneficial. It would be even better if you walked barefoot on the grass or ground. While you walk, feel your connection with the earth.

Yoga Poses For Root Chakra

Practicing yoga is one of the ways to keep a healthy mind and body. Some of the most straightforward yoga poses that help in restoring the root energy are as follows:

  • Shavasana (Corpse Pose)
  • Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose)
  • Sukhasana (Cross-legged position)
  • Tadasana (Mountain Pose)
  • Balasana (Child’s resting pose)
  • Bhujangasanas (Cobra pose)

While practicing these yoga poses, maintain a steady breath. In fact, It’s much more effective to breathe into the body part you’re stretching while doing yoga.

Imagine your vital energy (through steady breathing) reaching the stretched area and releasing the accumulated energy there. These poses help ground, relax, and rejuvenate the body and mind.

Mindful Consumption And Behavior

It’s essential to avoid or reduce your exposure to the sources of fear-inducing stimulations like news, print media, social media, and other channels that thrive on sensationalism.

It is a crucial thing to do while you’re on this path because, with a restless mind, it’s impossible to be in energic alignment.

Criticizing and gossiping is another unconscious behavior that keeps us in low vibration. Therefore, keeping a check on one’s behavior can stimulate energy flow. Don’t keep yourself in forced vigilance, but make mends when you catch yourself acting out on an unconscious behavior.

I begin my day with meditation rather than checking out my smartphone or watching the news. I go out for some fresh air, hydrate myself (with water), perform a few basic yoga stretches, and have a cup of tea after about an hour or so.

I don’t reach out for news, email, or messages in the morning. If something of importance is out there, it will reach me somehow. I don’t recall, but I heard someone saying that if something is really urgent, it won’t come through an email. Or even if it does, it will immediately follow a phone call.

Once your root energy is functional and moving optimally, you will experience a new surge of vitally and a heightened drive to follow your pursuits.

As the hidden aspect of your personality comes to the conscious surface of your mind, you will automatically let go of the unhealthy behaviors and tendencies and wake up to newfound freedom.


The divine energy has its own will. In some people, it happens through living a balanced life, in some through meditation, and in others, it happens on its own for no apparent reason.

However, we should not assume anything and work on living as much balanced life as possible to cultivate peace of mind and harmony with existence. Trying to force the energy to bend to an individual’s beliefs is counterproductive and can even be traumatic in some cases.

Disclaimer: I’m not a Kundalini Yoga teacher or energy healer. The chakra balancing methods mentioned above are only for informational purposes.

The Complete Seven-Chakra Bundle (Instant Download)

If you’re interested in knowing more about chakra healing, check out a complete chakra resource that includes chakra worksheets, chakra printable card sets, a 99-page awakening the seven chakras e-book (PDF), and chakra affirmations posters.

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