15 Powerful Sacral Chakra Affirmations To Connect With Your Pleasure Center


Sacral chakra affirmations help us connect with pleasure energy center and bring back the lost vitality and vigor of life. Healing the sacral chakra help us to open sexually, emotionally, creatively, and experience other pleasures.

Sacral or Swadhishthana chakra is the second chakra of the spiritual body located near the region of the genitals (for both males and females) approximately two inches below the belly button.

Sexual gratification is a basic human need, but many people are not able to experience the joy of it simply because their sacral chakra is not functioning properly.

Having a balanced sacral chakra enhances your sexual experience and helps in improving your relationship with your partner by creating that emotional connection that was missing earlier.

The sacral chakra is associated with the power of creativity. It facilitates the process of creation of life by transferring the ‘prana’ (the life-giving force). The element associated with the sacral chakra is water representing fluidity and movement.

Water has the power to smooth out rough edges, and that’s what the sacral chakra does to us. It smoothens the rough edges around us and also the other people we know by giving us the power of emotional control.

People with imbalanced sacral chakra are unable to enjoy and experience the basic pleasures of life. They are rough with other people and often struggle with interpersonal relationships. Affirmations can go a long way in healing the sacral chakra.

Symptoms of Blocked Sacral Chakra

An imbalanced sacral chakra is either deficient or in excess of energy (the prana). There are problems associated with both of these conditions.

Here’s a list of a few symptoms that indicate an imbalance within the sacral chakra:

  • Dependency on other people (a sign of underactive sacral chakra)
  • You’re too controlling and bossy (a sign of overactive sacral chakra).
  • Lack of confidence.
  • You often engage in daydreaming and fantasy.
  • You are unable to manage and regulate your emotions.
  • Fear of intimacy and a lack of sexual desire.
  • Insecurity.
  • You are shy.
  • You try to manipulate others.
  • You feel jealous of others.
  • You’re unable to express your emotions.
  • You feel yourself to be unworthy of pleasures of life.
  • Anxiety and depression.
  • You engage excessively in addictions like smoking, drinking, drugs, and more.
  • You eat a lot of junk food.
  • You lack creative thinking (you fail miserably even when you try hard to be creative)
  • You often become anxious and aggressive.
  • You struggle with decision making.

Sacral Chakra Affirmations

  1. I deserve to enjoy life.
  2. I’m peaceful inside.
  3. I’m a sexual being and I embrace my sexuality.
  4. My sexuality is sacred.
  5. I deserve sexual pleasure.
  6. I have no fear of intimacy.
  7. I deserve to be loved.
  8. I’m confident about my body and looks.
  9. I’m confident about my sexuality.
  10. I deserve to be treated with respect.
  11. I will treat others with respect.
  12. I will respect other people’s boundaries.
  13. I will not allow anyone to violate my boundaries.
  14. I allow creative energy to freely flow within me.
  15. I’m not dependent on others.

It is said that the sacral chakra is connected to the subconscious mind. Therefore, sacral chakra affirmations help reprogram the subconscious mind, which is believed to be the center of infinite potential and creativity.

How to Open The Sacral Chakra?

The sacral chakra represents fluidity and flexibility, just like water. Therefore, connecting with the water element by hydrating yourself is an excellent way to open the sacral chakra.

Additionally, you can also do the following to speed up sacral chakra healing:

  • Practice yoga poses.
  • Practice the sacral chakra affirmations mentioned above.
  • Eat wholesome foods and avoid junk and sugary stuff.
  • Connect with the water element – drink liquids, go swimming, or sit by a lake or seaside.
  • Avoid stubbornness and be flexible towards people and life situations.
  • Practice meditation.
  • Practice art, writing, singing, dancing, or any creative activity you like.

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Sacral chakra affirmations are powerful, and with consistence practice, you can reprogram your subconscious mind to experience the pleasures of life. We’re sensual beings, and pleasure and sexuality is not something to be suppressed or repressed.

Opening the sacral chakra can realize years of hidden trauma, guilt, and uncomfortable feelings associated with pleasure and sexuality.

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