Seeing The Intuition: The Sacred Gift

Intuition guides us at every step in life. But the problem is that the voice of intuition is far subtler than the voice of chatter in the mind. Most people have so much going on in their minds that they cannot access that instantaneous wisdom.

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

Albert Einstein

Overwhelmed by our thoughts, we completely ignore our intuition. Meditation may help heighten intuition and sharpen perception by reducing the mind’s chatter, but that is not up to the individual but the will of the divine source.

Intuition is challenging to define because it is not a function of intellect. It is neither an effect nor a cause. If it were not so, we would know the mechanism to decode it and the source from which it appears.

Intuition is spontaneous, and it is not the product of thinking or experience as most people believe it to be. The wisdom of intuition is in the “being” that is beyond time and space. It appears not from the unknown but the “unknowable.”

In language, we use phrases like harnessing the intuition or that my intuition serves me well. It is not your servant or for your amusement. It is neither right nor wrong. It simply is what it is.

The message that intuition conveys comes to us as a thought, so the ego-mind immediately claims ownership. The thought is merely a channeling medium that has no wisdom of its own. True wisdom is timeless.

Another thing to note is that intuition is not always correct or accurate. The ideas like correct, right, wrong, accurate, inaccurate, etc., are of the ego. Intuition gives you the opportunity to come closer to the wholeness that is your true essence.

Therefore, when our intuition is wrong, and we have to bear a loss of some kind, it is a pointer or an opportunity to investigate the truth of who we are. Instead, we objectify intuition and blame it for not being in alignment with our thinking.

For example, a couple of years back, trusting my intuition, I made some choices that led me to an extremely uncomfortable situation. I ventured into a business collaboration in another country that couldn’t materialize due to my differences with the investors. 

All of this happened when I had left my country along with my wife and children. How could my intuition be so wrong? Everything was carefully assessed and calculated. Finally, we had to move back.

When I look back, it was such a blessing, although I felt painful at that time. This incident guided me to explore my inner world and the discomforts I was avoiding. 

It opened a whole another possibility. I was upset at the time, but in retrospect, it is the best thing that happened. It is a direct calling from the source.

People ask me how to harness the power of intuition. They’re often keen on opening the third eye, not knowing it is the most painful thing for the ego-identified mind. 

It is a shock for the mind, and there’s no going back once the pineal energy awakens. Such conditioned minds will hallucinate and go into a deep depression. It requires a deep understanding of oneself before one embarks on such a journey.

These people often have some agenda to use intuition for some material or personal benefit. So if you’re keen to open your Ajna chakra just for the thrill of it or for using intuition for some petty personal gain in duality, think again. I have seen some horrible repercussions of forcefully opening the third eye.

The oneness or the source is not concerned with the ego-identified mind’s desires. Intuition is a higher reality that continuously sends the message of unity. It is spontaneously available, and we can easily tap into it when the mind is quiet. Let it naturally come to you.

Therefore, intuition is not personal, and it is not there to fulfill the ego’s illusions. Trust in it means letting go of egoic control. As the mind becomes more silent, intuition will be more readily available. 

Seeing it requires total attention to “What is,” rather than viewing things through filters of prejudices and beliefs. It is a vibration that is subtler than that of the mind. Therefore, intuition’s vibrational energy can easily penetrate the mind, but the opposite is not possible. Hence, you cannot figure it out or make any sense of why it does what it does.

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