20 Powerful Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations To Enhance Personal Power


Solar plexus chakra affirmations helps one to develop a healthy ego by igniting fire in the belly region. The solar plexus chakra is the energy center associated with positive self-development, self-belief, self-worth, self-confidence, and personal power.

The solar plexus chakra (Manipura) lies about two inches above the belly button region. It is represented in yellow color and has the fire element that signifies the sun’s power within us.

The radiance and brightness of this inner sun have tremendous transformational power in every aspect of our lives. If you’re struggling with low self-esteem and have difficulties in realizing goals, it’s likely that your lower chakras are blocked or imbalanced, especially the solar plexus.

Healing the solar plexus chakra gives an empowering control over our thoughts, feelings, and emotions in a way that we don’t let our psychological state interfere with our goals. Instead, it gives us the courage to be our authentic selves and move ahead even in the most unfavorable circumstances.

It makes us more self-reliant and removes the toxic codependency we have on others. We learn to rely on our intuition and judgment instead of controlling or manipulating others to achieve our goals.

While goals are easy to achieve by manipulating others, it’s extremely unhealthy to behave in this manner. The success earned this way never gives fulfillment, joy, and happiness. Instead, it creates resentment, anger, anxiety, self-loathing and further lowers our self-esteem.

It’s because somewhere inside, we carry the guilt that we’ve cheated our way to success. Our mind-body complex keeps a record of every karmic action we perform in some way or the other. Healing the solar-plexus removes this type of unhealthy thinking.

The solar plexus gives us the courage and confidence to take steps forward in the direction of self-mastery and personal growth. It helps us realize our real potential.

Symptoms of Blocked Solar Plexus Chakra

As mentioned above, the solar plexus chakra helps us realize our true potential and provides the fuel to accomplish our life goals. It creates a strong sense of purpose in those who are clueless and living life in default mode. The life-force energy flowing in and out of this chakra facilitates this.

However, an obstruction in the flow of life-force energy can cause significant problems within the solar plexus, which also impacts other chakras.

An imbalanced or blocked solar plexus can manifest as physical and psychological ailments, which is nature’s way of warning us that something is wrong and that we need to take corrective actions.

Some of the psychological symptoms associated with solar plexus chakra blockage are as follows:

  • Lack of confidence.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Lack of purpose & direction in life.
  • Emotion dysregulation.
  • Need to control others excessively.
  • Misusing power and positions of authority.
  • Signs of codependency.
  • Self-victimization.
  • Inability to make decisions.
  • Failure to take action to realize your goals.
  • Low inner-strength & weak resolution power.
  • Stubbornness.

Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations

Affirmations play a massive role in reprogramming the subconscious mind. When repeated daily over time, we can transform our limiting beliefs to beliefs of abundance and growth. It opens up the solar plexus chakra and facilitates optimal energy flow.

Here’s the list of affirmations:

  1. I make my own decisions.
  2. I don’t need the approval of others.
  3. I am powerful.
  4. I am confident.
  5. I am strong.
  6. I am proactive.
  7. I am peaceful inside.
  8. I am authentic.
  9. I will accomplish my goals.
  10. I’m motivated to pursue my passions in life.
  11. I deserve success.
  12. I never misuse my power.
  13. I am clear about my purpose in life.
  14. I take responsibility for my emotions.
  15. I have high self-esteem.
  16. I don’t control & manipulate others.
  17. I’m not jealous of other people’s success.
  18. I’m worthy of success.
  19. I have a lot to offer the world.
  20. I’m not dependent on others.

Repeating the solar plexus chakra affirmations help cultivate the seed of personal power and inner strength.

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