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This product contains four non-dual guided meditation videos to help bring peace by residing in your “being.”
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Allow yourself to relax and let the sound of the words flow. Sometimes the conscious mind is unreceptive to words. Therefore, guided meditations can help the message seep deep into the subconscious, breaking the illusory sense of personal identification. Experience yourself as the pure consciousness, the unaffected witness of the world.

What Are Non-Dual Meditations?

Non-dual meditations are entirely different from conventional meditation practices. For one, non-dual meditation is not a practice. There is no particular method or technique to practice these meditations. You don’t have to focus on your breath or observe sensations if you don’t want to. It is simply based on allowing the non-dual awareness to grasp the individual and let whatever happens.

Practices based on one-pointed concentration are good for developing focus and training the mind to be quiet for a certain period of time. States of calm and tranquility experienced during such practices are temporary. They do not effectively break identifications that cause unrest and anxiety. Sometimes anxiety and frustration increase by not being able to focus on the object of meditation (breath, mantra, and so on).

In non-dual meditations, we do not create resistance to anything. We simply “watch” without discrimination. Everything is allowed, even sleep. In my guided meditations, I discuss concepts that explore the nature of the mind and bring our consciousness to a place of restful calm. We are to allow both tranquility and restlessness without trying to block or influence anything.

We don’t expect any outcome from these meditations. Attachment to outcome keeps the ego-mind alive, and then it is different to observe the identifications that trap us in dualism. There is no goal with these meditations. There is no destination. There is nothing to attain or reach anywhere. We not even trying to annihilate the ego-mind. We are simply “being” by resting in our natural state of peace and harmony.

There are no modalities, dogmas, or styles associated with non-dual meditations. You don’t have to focus on anything. You don’t need to sit in any complicated posture. You don’t have to keep your eyes closed. You can listen to these while walking (don’t bump into people) or sitting on a chair. Ensure your comfort to avoid distractions. As a safety precaution, don’t listen to these while driving. Listen to these wherever and wherever you want.

What Does This Product Contain?

This product contains four guided meditation videos (MP4):

  1. Quieting The Troubled Mind – Duration: 22:50 mins
  2. Resting In the Awareness of Deep Silence – Duration: 23: 20 mins
  3. Meeting God In The Waiting Room (Silent Meditation) – Duration: 18:33 mins
  4. Let The Breath Be Your Guide – Duration: 41:54 mins

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