The Joy of Being As You Are

joy of being

The majority of human beings live life looking to “become” something. Something of higher value, something that enhances their sense of personal self. It is done under the pretext of attaining lasting happiness and fulfillment. But does it lead to that? Or is it just a borrowed idea?

I want to become rich. I want to become famous. I want to become religious. I want to become spiritual. I want to become a non-dualist. And so on. The underlying assumption is that I am incomplete the way I am right now. I feel incomplete because I’m lacking in material and spiritual resources. I lack self-esteem and confidence. I am not what I should be. And more importantly, I am right now what I should not be.

Therefore, I realize that my life is fragmented, hence broken, and my search is for wholeness. The problem is that we have built an image of ourselves, which we are holding onto fiercely. We recognize that it’s painful, but we are unwilling to let go of it. It feels like death to let go of this image because we are so identified with it. 

This image or “me” is not your continuous experience. It is not there in deep-sleep. It is a conceptual thought that gives an illusory sense of safety. It keeps us trapped eternally in either “becoming” or “unbecoming.” No matter what you become or unbecome, the “me” remains suffering. 

The thought of becoming/unbecoming is a projection into the future by this me. It retains the gap or separation between the actual and the imaginary. This gap is suffering, which is brought about by this conceptual-thought “me.”

So what do I do? Nothing! See the illusion for what it is, and the illusion drops. When the “me” dissolves, there is no possibility of any future projection.

One begins to live spontaneously in their natural state, which is free from all ideologies and belief systems. One lives in “What-Is” rather than What-Should-Or-Should-Not-Be.

In other words, you remain as you are without trying to change a thing about yourself.

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