20 Powerful Throat Chakra Affirmations To Awaken Your Expression Center


Throat chakra affirmations helps open the expression center giving you the ability to vividly and fearlessly express yourself. Throat chakra is associated with speech, hearing, communication, and expression.

Healing the throat chakra helps in developing powerful communication skills, expressing yourself authentically without any doubt or fear, and generating the confidence to speak the truth.

Not only that, but it also heightens your ability to think creatively by sharpening the mind. It gives you the power to speak your mind by providing clarity in your thoughts.

Effective communication is the key to success in both personal and professional life, and healing your throat chakra by practicing affirmations enables you to achieve that.

Symptoms of Blocked Throat Chakra

There are two types of throat chakra blockages: overactive and underactive. If the energy flow within the throat chakra is in excess, the chakra is said to be overactive, and if the energy flow is less, it is said to be underactive. Both of these conditions are undesirable and have their own associated problems.

Energy imbalance within the throat chakra can cause a wide variety of problems; some of them can manifest in the form of physical ailments while the others can be psychological.

Some of the physical symptoms that you might experience are as follows:

  • Thyroid problems
  • Soreness in the throat.
  • Dizziness, tiredness, and fatigue.
  • Anemia
  • Laryngitis
  • Headaches and migraines.
  • Pain in the shoulder and at the base of the neck.
  • Restlessness and anxiety.
  • Mouth ulcers.
  • Dental Issues.

Symptoms of underactive throat chakra:

  • You feel scared of expressing your opinions to others for the fear of being judged, mocked, and ridiculed.
  • You have weak focus and concentration.
  • You’re unable to keep yourself grounded.
  • You suppress your true thoughts and feelings.
  • You’re bullied by people.
  • You are a people-pleaser.

Symptoms of overactive throat chakra:

  • You lack the ability to listen to other people (impatience).
  • You constantly interrupt people while they speak.
  • You have an overactive (racing) mind, and as a result, you make poor decisions in life.
  • You are often perceived as loud, aggressive, and sometimes even arrogant.
  • You’re never able to express your true thoughts and feelings.
  • You showcase high confidence on the outside, but on the inside, you feel threatened.

Throat Chakra Affirmations

Here is a list of 20 powerful throat chakra affirmations that you can practice every day to heal your throat chakra.

  1. I speak truth.
  2. I listen to truth.
  3. I am the pure eternal consciousness and bliss.
  4. I trust others.
  5. I’m not scared to speak my mind.
  6. My intent is always clear and noble when I speak.
  7. My voice is clear and powerful.
  8. I feel compassion toward others.
  9. I don’t engage in gossips and criticism.
  10. I am grounded.
  11. I am pure awareness.
  12. I have access to my higher self for guidance and support.
  13. I am open to receiving messages from my angels.
  14. I am peaceful.
  15. I am full of creative ideas.
  16. I don’t interrupt others while they speak.
  17. I’m confident about myself.
  18. I have a sharp mind.
  19. What I do, I do it with full conviction and dedication.
  20. I am honest and authentic in my speech and actions.

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Signs That Your Throat Chakra is Opening

You experience the following when your throat chakra starts healing:

  • You feel more confident in expressing your thoughts and ideas.
  • There’s great clarity in your communications. This ability reduces the chances of miscommunication with others and improves relationships in general.
  • You feel more calm and relaxed.
  • You can feel that your immune system has improved.
  • You’re no more a people-pleaser.
  • You no more like to engage in gossips and criticism. In fact, you cannot stand the company of people who do that.
  • You are more creative in your work.
  • Your mind becomes extremely sharp. Your power of focus and concentration greatly improves.
  • You become more resilient emotionally.
  • You’re able to keep yourself grounded in uncertain situations.
  • The way you speak (and your choice of words and fluency) has a greater impact on people.
  • You become more spiritual.
  • You become a good listener.
  • You feel greater compassion and empathy for other people.

In general, when your throat chakra opens up, we don’t obsess over our own personal goals and selfish agendas. It ignites the passion to serve humanity.

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