What Does Anhad Naad Sound Like? Is It Tinnitus?

Madhur: Hi Jagjot, For the last two years, I’ve also been constantly listening to buzzing sound, and it appears it’s coming from the right side. It never stops even I close my ear, and it’s is continuous, day & night.

I thought it might be some ear problem like tinnitus. Sometimes it’s annoying. I’m searching about this and having seen your video. I think it may be ‘”Anhad” as you mentioned. 

If it is, then I’m surprised; why me? And what I should do to get its benefit, like to grow spiritually via meditation. I would be grateful if you could guide me and share some personal experiences like what are the further stages.

Jagjot: Hi Madhur, I have tinnitus in one of my ears. A couple of years back, I was getting a chiropractic adjustment, and this ringing started in my left ear. With some practice of yoga and pranayama, its intensity is reduced to the extent that it doesn’t bother me anymore.

Therefore, if the sound is too unpleasant, you might want to consult an ENT or get a medical evaluation of your condition before coming to any conclusion.

Anhad, on the other hand, is something I have been noticing since childhood. It’s extremely difficult to explain, as it is not a sound. A sound comes from mechanical action and travels as longitudinal waves. 

Anhad Naad is an unstuck vibrationIt is the vibration of your essence or the very being. Please note that vibration and being are one.

It will be wrong to call it a sound as it does not have an identifiable cause. As a child, I would spend hours just listening to it. I could not explain it then, and even to this day, I struggle to present it as a concept. 

I can hear (for the lack of simplicity) Anhad all the time. It’s one of the most blissful feelings. And here’s the thing. We all hear the Naad. But because of the overthinking mind and involvement in daily living, we ignore it.

Hearing the Anhad Naad doesn’t make us special or unique. We are all the same pure consciousness experiencing duality as separate mind-body organisms.

Therefore, Anhad is not a privilege accessible for a chosen few given to us by a merciful God. It is available to all of us all the time. The only way to hear it is to have a sattvic mind.

The idea of God in my concept is pure consciousness and not a separate all-powerful entity that keeps running surveillance on its creation. For the pure consciousness, there’s no heaven and hell, good and evil, moral and immoral, but only the BEING or consciousness.

You ask, why me? Who is this “me”? My whole concept of spiritual awakening is based on realizing this entity called “me,” which, according to the great masters like Adi Shankaracharya and Ramana Maharishi, is the source of all suffering in the world. Dissolution of the “me” or ego-identifications is true self-realization.

Who are you? You call yourself Madhur. But that’s just an identification given to you by your parents. Does that identification complete you? It is purely based on memory and recall. If your memory was somehow entirely erased, what would remain of you? YOU ARE THAT.

Anhad is just another pointer to THAT, which is your true nature. The Anhad is witnessed in your consciousness. Go within to discover your true nature and give up the idea of hearing the Naad. It will come to you when you’re ready.

If you hear the Naad, it’s okay to meditate on it. But don’t get too fixated on it. Don’t force yourself vigilantly to listen to it. It’s not that the more you listen, the higher you progress in spirituality. It is not a requirement for spiritual progress.

Experiences themselves don’t have much significance. Think of them as a pointer to the absolute truth. Some people hear the sound. Some people see the light. But the truth is the background awareness in which all of these experiences manifest. 

Getting fixated on experiences has the potential to fuel the ego. The consciousness or awareness does not discriminate like the mind. Keep yourself open for all experiences. What I mean is that all experiences will not be pleasant. 

An unpleasant experience is also a pointer to wholeness or unity or the divine consciousness. Any spiritual practice like meditation, Japa, prayer, etc., is helpful, so do whichever you like, but ask yourself, “who is doing the practice.” Self-realization is not an experience of the personal self.

I can share all my experiences with you, but that will not help you much. You see, the source or God or pure consciousness has a unique spiritual path laid out for each one of us. The experiences and stages you encounter in your spiritual journey will be unique to you. I’m nothing more than the signboard.

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