What Happens When the Heart Chakra Opens?


When the heart chakra opens, we experience a surge of the subtle life-force energy (or prana) moving in and out of the heart. It creates a feeling of immense joy, compassion, and bliss. We experience unconditional love for all things and realize the interconnected nature of life.

The heart chakra, or Anahata chakra, is the 4th chakra of the spiritual body associated with goodness, kindness, compassion, empathy, altruism, and unconditional love. For this reason, it is also known as the seat of unlimited love or the adobe of the soul.

The first time I experienced my heart opening, it was an unprecedented feeling that cannot be described in words. There were tears of joy. The love was flowing in and out of me like the strong current in a river. A feeling of immense gratitude overcame me, and my life was never been the same ever since.

The heart chakra is the entry point or gateway to realms of higher consciousness and spiritual development. We call it the awakening in life where we see the world for what it is without the filters of biases and prejudices. We develop strong empathy and compassion for all beings.

You Begin Trusting Other People

One of the most prominent symptoms of the blocked heart chakra is the lack of trust in others. A closed heart is fearful, doubtful, and cynical of other people’s intentions.

An open heart, on the other hand, is accepting of positive energies that enhance personal growth. Irrespective of the unpleasant incidents of the past, It accepts people and circumstances the way they are.

Trust increases intimacy in relationships. It enables us to connect with our loved ones at a deeper level. When dealing with coworkers, trust fosters better cooperation and openness and creates a healthy workplace environment.

People who have suffered abuse and trauma in the past have a difficult time trusting others. The deep-seated conscious and unconscious fears close the heart.

Healing the heart chakra eliminates the fears and insecurities that hold us back from building meaningful relationships with others.

You’re able to ‘Let Go’ of the Past

Ruminating about the past keeps us trapped in the vicious cycle that lowers our vibrations. It is another reason why the heart chakra gets blocked.

Once the heart energy awakens, we let go of the afflicting thoughts and emotions, clearing out all the negative energy. The radiance of this loving energy releases all the grudges, resentment, and ill feelings we carried for so long.

Letting go of the past helped me release a lot of uncomfortable stuff buried in the deep trenches of my unconscious. For many years, I endured narcissistic abuse that created a lot of blockages within my energy body. I suffered from severe anxiety and depression and was also suicidal at one point.

It took a lot of work to clear my energetic system, but eventually, I opened my heart and forgave the people who abused me. I didn’t go back to them. I keep minimal contact with some and absolutely ‘no contact’ with others. But I loosened my grip on the feelings of anger I had towards them.

Forgiveness is a significant part of ‘letting go’ without which the heart cannot heal. Forgiveness is about us and not about other people. We genuinely heal when we’re fully able to forgive people who hurt us.

It doesn’t mean that we absolve people of their wrongdoings. It simply means that we heal painful aspects of ourselves and move on. Keeping feelings of hatred and revenge is a clear indication of a wounded heart.

You Realize the ‘Oneness’ of Existence

Beyond this mind-body complex, we are spiritual beings experiencing the realm of physicality. Therefore, our spiritual existence is of great significance, realizing which we ensure a smooth sail in the material world.

When the heart chakra opens, we realize the presence of supreme divinity within us. There is a feeling of oneness with everything that exists. There is wisdom or clarity that we live in communion with nature.

If you observe, you’ll see that every process of nature is intricately connected. The plants emit the oxygen we breathe, and the plants absorb the carbon dioxide we release. Just imagine what will happen if this cycle breaks down.

You’re Ready to Face the Monster (Shadow)

Facing the inner demon is one of the most challenging aspects of heart chakra opening, yet it is one of the most liberating. It is why people are often scared of opening the heart chakra. It brings out the monster within – the things we had pushed into oblivion and aspects of our personality that we dislike.

While it is true that opening the heart leads to love, kindness, and compassion, but that does not come until you learn to face the monster within. And there’s a monster in all of us, without exception.

The heart chakra’s energy penetrates deep into the unconscious and lightens the hidden elements that we despised. It includes painful feelings, emotions, trauma, abuse, perversions, and other maladaptive behaviors that we acquired during childhood.

In my case, it was the nightmares that were tormenting me. I often dreamt about dark shadowy figures with bright red eyes that held me hostage. This phenomenon is known as sleep paralysis in psychology.

To experience unconditional bliss, we have to clear these traumas out of the unconscious, and that’s what the heart chakra does. These nightmares are symbols of the deep underlying afflictions, and we should not be scared of them.

They eventually come to a halt when our energy system is purged of the negative vibrations, leaving us with a feeling of abiding happiness and bliss.

You Realize Your Higher Purpose

We spend most of our life on selfish pursuits. While that’s okay up to a certain extent, true fulfillment comes when we align our energies towards higher goals.

If you’re coming from a place of lack and weaker vibrations, it’ll be impossible for you to know your higher purpose. You will spend your entire life struggling to survive. No achievement will ever fill the feeling of emptiness within you. You receive abundance only when you learn to develop empathy and compassion for others.

When the heart chakra opens, you move fearlessly, creating value in the world. You work for social causes, help others raise their vibrations, help unprivileged and differently-abled people, address ecological and environmental issues, and create an overall atmosphere of peace, trust, and harmony.

The life force within you is operating at its maximum capacity, which gives rise to unconditional love and empathy. You have the same concern for others as you do for yourself. You understand that your existence on this planet is not a mere coincidence, but you’re here to realize your higher purpose of raising your consciousness and that of others by exchanging divine love.

In return, the universe takes care of your financial and other material needs. You feel satisfied with what you have. Your goals and ambitions are geared towards the pursuit of raising human consciousness.

You’re In Direct Communication With The Universe (Synchronicity)

With an open heart chakra, the universe guides you at every step. It is known as synchronicity or ‘meaningful coincidences.’ The more of your chakras open, the more such meaningful coincidences occur in your life.

You start building faith in the universe. The divine force of the cosmos takes care of your material needs and leaves you to enjoy the bliss of life. You stop worrying about the future and the unknown. You feel confident about the decisions you make.

You overcome the ego, and you surrender to the divine will. When the illusion of control breaks, there is a massive sigh of relief, and all the restlessness, irritation, and anxiety are gone. You can feel the presence of your angels surrounded by the light of compassionate love.

Final Thoughts

The heart chakra is the gateway to spiritual progress. While the lower three chakras help you with the material aspects of life, heart chakra and beyond are related to spiritual existence and the experience of divine love.

Without opening the heart chakra, it is impossible to feel real empathy. The mind will always keep you skeptical and cynical. That is the nature of the mind. The great spiritual thinker Jiddu Krishnamurthy said that every thought you create comes with a contradiction that creates dissonance.

But love is ever-present. It was, is, and will always be there in your heart. That’s why, in all cultures, the heart is believed to be the symbol of love.

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Jagjot Singh

Jagjot is an Indian-born spiritual writer and speaker who talks about non-duality or Advaita. He adopts a practical approach to non-duality rather than following fixed traditional systems and religious dogmas. He is the author of three books: The End of Me & My story, Meditation is Not About Emptying Your Mind, and Bitten By The Energy Serpent - A New Perspective on Kundalini. Jagjot believes that spiritual awakening has to be verified through direct personal experience, and the ultimate objective, so as to speak, is to cultivate peace of mind and daily living.
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