What Happens When The Root Chakra Opens?


The root chakra is also known as the Muladhara chakra. It is composed of two words, Mula, the root, Adhara, which means the base or foundation. The root chakra forms the foundation of psychosomatic and psychospiritual development as it is the first chakra of the energy system.

If you carefully notice, everything has a foundation, a point of origination. The complete human psyche originates from the root energy and attains its full potential as it moves up to hit higher chakras.

The root chakra is the resting place of the kundalini—the most potent energy key to self-realization and developing the full human potential.

When the root chakra opens, we experience our vital life-force energy expanding. It gives us the power to accomplish our goals by taking care of our material needs essential for survival, like food, water, shelter, security, and physical and emotional safety, and ensures healthy sexual functioning.

Symbolically, the root chakra is shown as a four-petalled lotus representing the four aspects of the human psyche:

  • Kama – Self-preservation through fulfilling physical needs like safety, stability, sexual satisfaction, and overall mind-body health.
  • Dharma – Living a virtuous or moral life.
  • Artha – Creating wealth by living a life of meaning and purpose.
  • Moksha – Spiritual development and liberation through self-knowledge and realization. This psychological tendency finds expression at the final crown chakra.

You Live A Life of Fulfillment, Satisfaction, and Wealth

The root chakra is all about survival: physical, emotional, and psychological safety. A fully functional root chakra allows us to live a virtuous and fulfilled life by caring for our basic primitive needs like food, water, shelter, sleep, and things necessary for the physical body.

Think about it; there can be no psychological, emotional, or spiritual fulfillment if the body is sick or deprived of the above-mentioned basic needs. It doesn’t mean that you have to be rich to achieve fulfillment and satisfaction, but you must have a restful mind. Only a restful mind can make the right decisions at the right time.

If you’re in huge debt and continually chasing unrealistic goals (speaking from the position you’re in right now), you will remain unhappy. However, if you free yourself from debts by practicing frugality and living within your means, you’re more likely to raise your root chakra energy. You can then pursue your dreams without fear.

You need to assess your needs and the expectations you keep with the world carefully. The path of dharma (virtuous living) and artha (purposeful living) is easy to follow when our desires are under control.

By controlling your desires, living a disciplined life, and working towards your goals, you can generate wealth. Wealth creation is more of an outcome of a positive mental state than physical work. If you’re always preoccupied with unproductive and self-limiting thoughts, you won’t achieve happiness or fulfillment no matter how hard you work.

You’re mistaken if you think you can achieve fulfillment by accumulating money by working hard or smart. There will always be someone out there who’s willing to work much smarter and harder. What differentiates you from others is how you think about wealth creation. And your intention behind it.

When I say wealth, I don’t mean just money. Wealth refers to the collective energy that positively impacts the entire world. It includes both tangible and non-tangible things.

I don’t make a lot of money from this blog, but I’m grateful for whatever little I do. I sleep peacefully at night, thinking about how many people I have helped by sharing knowledge. When wealth creation is coupled with a meaningful purpose that positively contributes to the world, life naturally becomes blissful.

You achieve real happiness when you go beyond your animalistic tendencies and learn to work in harmony with your entire existence. That happens when you stop viewing people as competition or threat and collaborate to fulfill common goals.

You Gain Control Over Your Emotions

There must be a clear distinction between control and suppression. Suppression or repression of any kind is unhealthy, but self-control is empowering. What you repress stays within you as a part of your shadow.

For example, when you’re experiencing a painful emotion like rage or anxiety, you can allow that emotion to run its course and subside without needing to project it on others. That’s empowered self-control.

However, people whose root chakra is blocked are less resilient and are always eager to project their emotions onto others. They’re not in control of their emotions, but their emotions control them. They behave like animals.

Unlike humans, animals lack the awareness to exercise empowering control. The root chakra controls the animalistic aspects of our existence. Animals lack discriminatory intelligence like humans. Their intelligence is more instinctual.

Humans, on the other hand, use intelligence to determine what’s best for them. They don’t let their emotions interfere with their decisions. Animals are purely driven by emotions, i.e., they do not have the same control as humans.

Sometimes our emotions create such painful experiences that we don’t want to go through them. They kick-start our fight-or-flight mode, which is a defense mechanism that indicates the dominance of animalistic tendencies.

Over many ages, humans have evolved, but some of the primitive traits are still active within our collective unconscious, and sometimes, they dominate our behavior. When we’re low in consciousness, we default to those primitive behaviors—that genetic blueprint is still alive in us.

We are not cave dwellers anymore, yet we behave like one when confronted with a difficult situation. Emotionally unregulated, we react explosively and unconsciously to situations and events that we can easily handle gracefully through communication.

It’s alright to be afraid when the danger is present and imminent, but not when the fear is psychological and produced in anticipation of an unlikely outcome in the future. People who lack emotional control hurt other people to relieve themselves of the pain of their fears, insecurities, and adequacies.

When our root chakra is dysfunctional, our ability to deal with our afflicting feelings and emotions is severely compromised. One way to exercise emotional control is to ground yourself whenever you are undergoing emotional stress.

By grounding, you suspend all activities and pay attention to your emotions and bodily responses. This awareness creates a separation between you and the afflicting emotion, reducing its intensity.

Don’t create feelings of hatred or aversion towards your negative emotions. They are there for a purpose. They help us better understand ourselves and indicate the source of stress that needs attention. Without emotions, we would be lifeless automatons with a meaningless existence.

Root Chakra Opening Paves The Way For Spiritual Development

Once you take care of your basics, you rise in your consciousness to further yourself spiritually. Spiritual practices like yoga and meditation are incredibly beneficial for opening the root chakra.

Our mind tends to achieve limitless happiness by acquiring material assets. This tendency, however, can create a never-ending chase or thirst for acquiring material possessions, which, if left unchecked, creates unhappiness and misery.

Spirituality gives a glimpse into our inner world and helps us understand our psychological propensities. Through spiritual discipline, we draw limits and gain control over our senses, including imbalanced thinking. The final expression of spiritual awareness is observed in the third eye and crown chakras.

When you awaken your mind to spiritual awareness, you realize that you’re the limitless being that needs no material possession to be happy. Your creations are for the collective good of the world, but they do not define you. 

You are the unlimited-all-pervading consciousness that was, is, and will always be there. In this awareness, you find yourself connected to everything and become an infinite source of unconditional love and compassion, which in my opinion, is the highest essence of spirituality.

It is not that you have to renounce your worldly attachments and possessions to be spiritual. You liberate yourself when you reduce your grasping or attachment to objects of your desire.

That’s how we create a sense of balance in life. Then we genuinely enjoy what we have without feeling guilty or worrying about losing it.

How to Open The Root Chakra?

Although the root chakra provides the seed energy for physical and psychological satisfaction, it finds expression only in the higher chakras. The root chakra provides the seed of creative energy. However, it is realized in the sacral and the solar plexus chakras.

If the root chakra remains blocked, there’s no possibility of attaining fulfillment and happiness at the higher chakras. Therefore, it’s essential to open the root chakra to enable the energy flow to higher chakras where the psychological components find expression.

Some of the ways to open the root chakra are as follows:

  • Practicing grounding techniques like walking barefoot in the grass.
  • Practicing meditation and visualization exercises.
  • Practicing root chakra affirmations.
  • Journaling thoughts, sensations, and emotions. Check out the Chakra Alignment Worksheets.
  • Doing root chakra yoga exercises like the Bridge Pose, Mountain Pose, Cobra pose, etc.
  • Eating wholesome Foods.
  • Using stones like Red Jasper, Obsidian, and Bloodstone.
  • Practicing aromatherapy using essential oils.

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