Which Chakra Is Related to Creativity? Unleashing The Artist Within

The orange or the sacral chakra is related to creativity. It is associated with movement and fluidity. The movement of thoughts in an engaged working mind produces the highest levels of creativity and unleashes the artist within you. Most people block their sacral chakra energy by suppressing their creative interests in pursuit of following the conventional path; however, it causes problems in the long term.

Human beings need to be creative. We cannot live without creativity. Unfortunately, we live in times where we have raised the survival bar and bare essentials to such heights that work-related activities now take up most of our time.

We sacrifice basic needs like social interactions for some arbitrary long-term idea of success and happiness. We remain continuously absorbed in chasing future goals and don’t pay attention to what we have right now.

The sacral chakra is connected to the subconscious, which is the powerhouse of creativity and infinite potential. When we establish a harmonious balance between our work, which provides sustenance, and creative activities that offer peace and satisfaction, we create a harmonious living.

Most people lack creativity because they fear an unknown future. For example, some people cling on to an occupation or career just to ensure a fixed income every month. They become so habituated in their way of life that the proposition of exploring an alternative path with an unknown future seems scary.

For a long time, I was this person. I spent fifteen years of my life in an industry and profession just to sustain the feeling of security of a fixed income. What I did not see at that time was that I could lose this comfort and security if I was thrown out of my job, which I was eventually.

What I did not see was how this was impacting my psyche and relationships with friends and family by creating intense anxiety. While I was happy with the through of fixed income, I simultaneously lived in constant fear of losing my job or not getting that annual raise.

This cognitive dissonance was unbearable and gave me many sleepless nights. When fear is so dominant in a person, the mind cannot think of a creative outlet. It is trapped in its own compulsive thinking, waiting for worse things to happen.

The problem was that I had created an imaginary mental image that I was projecting into the future. In this mental image, I was a perfect human being living an ideal life. There was this thought that “things have to be a certain way for me to be happy.”

So my projected image did not include uncertainty, losses, and pain that are an inevitable part of life. And that despite all of the above, life can be a peaceful and pleasurable experience. I could feel an unconscious yet powerful pull toward this projected image and could see how this was creating so much fear and insecurity.

I was so trapped in my ruminations that I had no time for myself and others. There was no time to think beyond and explore an alternative reality. I had to have a big house, luxury cars, a huge bank balance where money only flowed in, relationships that never went sour, friends that were just like the way I wanted them to be, no work trouble, trips abroad, vacations, and beaches, and so on. I had to have it all; otherwise, I was not good enough for the world.

When people, especially from western countries, tell me they feel scared to make changes to their lifestyle. I tell them, please come to India and visit me once. I will show you people living in abject poverty but full of life without any complaints or regrets.

I will show you an accurate picture of India you don’t get to know about in your country from your media. I will show you that these people living in so much poverty and not sure whether they will get to eat on a particular day will not hesitate to share their meal with you.

It will give you a perspective of what you have and dissolve the fear that stops you from unleashing your creative potential is just an image in your mind.

When I was working in my corporate job, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to pursue anything creative because I was stuck in my own thinking mind. I was planning to be creative after retirement, but what would be left of me by that time to be creative?

I’m not implying that you quit your job right now. Just get out of your mind and pick up something, writing, dancing, painting, sports, or anything creative. If nothing else, start with journaling your thoughts. Creative outlets are a part of spiritual and psychological healing. We all need to be creative; that’s why the sacral chakra is there. Embrace fluidity and let creative ideas and thoughts flow.

Unleash The Artist By Letting Go of the Thinking Mind

In the last three years, I have written hundreds of articles, created hundreds of videos, and written five e-books. This is coming from someone who used to struggle writing a single paragraph. I’m not boasting but simply hinting at the fact that a lot gets done when you let go of your thinking mind that lives either in the dead past or an imaginary future.

An engaged working mind operates in the moment, absorbed entirely in the task at hand. While the thinking mind contemplates things like, “what will others think of my work,” “will people appreciate my work,” “will I become rich and successful,” and “I shouldn’t be honest; otherwise, people will think less of me,” and so on.

The thinking mind remains lost in an endless loop of unproductive contemplations, “first I must become an authority only then will people take me seriously.” It is always concerned about the outcome and seeks perfection, which kills creativity.

If you check my YouTube videos, you’ll notice that I don’t edit them. Even the articles I write on my website are unedited. Most of them potentially contain many grammatical mistakes. But my primary concern is to convey the message and not be concerned about how I will be perceived by others or how I will grow as a writer.

Growth and betterment happen on their own. Why should I be concerned? We cannot force the growth process. Therefore, if you concern yourself with perfection, you’ll never be creative. What stops you from dancing, painting, writing, singing, and so on? What stops you from exploring your passion and pursuing creative interests?

I don’t suggest that you force yourself into a creative activity. Try different things and see what works for you. Don’t compartmentalize your creativities as hobbies and brush them aside. Give them center stage or the spotlight. Weigh them equal or more to your work. Bring back the curiosity and enthusiasm you had in your childhood.

Living is not simply following a conventional path laid out by borrowed ideas. Light up your mind and come up with your own ideas. Come up with your own philosophy and make time for pleasure and rest. You retire from work, but you never retire from creativity, and your sacral chakra is the key to that creative potential.

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