For the time being, I’m not doing 1-to-1 personal sessions. However, you can join the mailing list, where you’ll be notified about monthly Zoom sessions that are free to charge.

Jagjot Singh

Hi! My name is Jagjot Singh. I’m a spiritual writer and speaker who talks about the teachings of Non-Duality (Advaita). After an instant spiritual awakening, I left the corporate world and my cushy job to explore the truth. I came across the teachings of Shri Ramana Maharishi, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Nisargadatta Maharaj, and Ramesh Balsekar, and their words had a profound effect on me.

Disillusioned by the empty promises of the material world, I went in search of the truth in the spiritual world. In this quest for truth, I gained a spiritual understanding that brought me enormous peace. I have written numerous articles and books where I share this understanding.

My Approach

I meet you exactly where you are in your spiritual journey. I’m willing to listen and help with whatever issues you’re dealing with, emotional or spiritual. Feel free to discuss any aspect of your life: relationships, emotional trauma, Kundalini, awakening, spiritual enlightenment, non-duality, and any practical life issue. I’m not going to judge you.

You are and always have been free. Freedom is your true nature, but because of the past conditional that happened to you as a child, you limited yourself to a mind-body organism. You’re much more!! The only objective of conducting these 1-to-1 sessions is to help you discover peace of mind in daily living.

What I Don’t Do

I don’t talk about religions or dogmatic spiritual practices. I don’t have any fixed method, advice, or prescription for liberation. I simply point you in a direction where you can see the truth through your own direct experience. I don’t claim that my words will bring about what you desire in this present moment, but they will help you find the path of peace and harmony in daily living.

How To Book An Online Session With Me

Please read the disclaimer thoroughly before you book the session. These meetings and sessions are not meant to replace professional therapy, medical care, or legal advice. Please consult a licensed professional or seek proper medical advice if you suffer from severe physical or psychological ailments.

I offer 1-to-1 online video sessions (1 hour) via Zoom.

Book your slot using the calendar below and make payment for the online session.

How much does it cost?

Single online (Video on Zoom) 1-to-1 session cost: $80 (Duration: 1 hour).

No recording of the conversation will be made unless requested by you. No information you provide will be made public, including your personal details like name, email, or profession. Your privacy is safe.

It is my sincere wish that you get “Nothing” from our conversation.

Sample Conversation

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How Do We Talk?

A Zoom link will be emailed to you once you select the date and time. Your session with me will be confirmed. If you have questions related to the session, feel free to ask.