You Are Searching for Meaning of Life Using Worldly Knowledge – It’s Not Going to Happen!

The greatest delusion about trying to make sense of life (How it operates? What is the basis of cosmic law? What is our meaning and purpose here?) is that we are using worldly knowledge to crack this code. Moreover, we never question as to why (or rather “who”) wants answers to these questions.

It’s like a painting trying to figure out why the painter painted it. The painting does not have the sentience to make that examination, but we humans are gifted or cursed with the dubious intellect. Now don’t get me wrong. Intellect is a wonderful tool – It’s sharp. It can be used to achieve great endeavors. Even self-examination requires intellect.

However, when it comes to the puzzle of our existence, the intellect falls short. Why? Because it is the instrument of the mind. In other words, the created object (mind) cannot know why it exists. Scientists, philosophers, and theorists have been trying to solve this puzzle since time immemorial.

Aristotle says that happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence. But what is happiness? Can it be acquired? Believing that happiness is to be acquired externally using worldly knowledge is the greatest delusion. The worldly knowledge is useful to live comfortably. But comforts and conveniences are not happiness.

The confusion happens because we begin with the assumption of being unhappy which is usually based on what we have and don’t have. We chase happiness our whole lives in the material and spiritual world in the hope that the acquisition of some profound knowledge will end our suffering. But the chase itself keeps us unhappy. We remain stuck in a rut and keep chasing experiences hoping that they will help us break out of this rut.

Whatever we acquire (relationships, money, wealth, knowledge, etc.) gives only temporary pleasure, and then after the initial effect of high fades, there is a faze of dullness and depression, which is usually greater in time and intensity than the initial high.

So what is the happiness the spiritual teachers and philosophers speak of? It is not “out there.” It is right here and it shines within you as the BEING. Your being is immensely valuable. Your mind can never comprehend the magnitude of this infinite intelligence.

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