Beyond the knower and the known

The unknown is bigger than the known, but what lies beyond is the “unknowable” which is infinite. It cannot be known objectively; yet, it is your experience of “being” in the here and now. The unknowable does not operate in the realm of space, time, and causation, for it is all of it and beyond.

Unknowable is the pure experience or pure knowledge. It is the ocean of infinite bliss that is your very nature. It operates within and at the same time transcends beyond. It is omnipresent and all-pervading. Any name or form used to describe it will only reduce it. It is irreducible. It cannot conceptualized, yet, it is the basis of all conceptualization. It is this and that, and beyond.

In deep sleep, there is neither the known nor the unknown, but only the unknowable. Someone needs to be there to know or not know something. It is the source and substance of all experiences. It is the background in which everything gets illuminated. It is ungrasable. It is unattainable. To attain or gasp an object, there has to be some distance between you and the object. The unknowable is the silent witness of all that is happening. Therefore, it operates as the “Isness” of everything.

The world is engrossed in acquiring knowledge to become better, but rarely do we contemplate as to what is it that is trying to become something other than what it is now. The unknowable is now. It is neither here nor there, it is everywhere.

Speaking from a relative perspective, it is closer to you than you think because it is prior to thought. It is the groundless ground of both silence and sound; stillness and movement; sadness and happiness; known and unknown; being and non-being; and limited and unlimited. You cannot know it; you can only “be.”

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Jagjot Singh
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