God-Principle That Illuminates Everything

In total awareness there is a knowing of the interconnectedness of everything in phenomenality. This interconnectedness does not imply the end of physical separation between objects; it highlights the common essence or “Isness” behind what appears to be separate.

Physically, the sun and the moon appear separate, and they share a common essence which is the same as your essence. The sun, the moon, the stars, and all other celestial objects appear in Consciousness. It is the underlying God-principle that shines as “Being.” The personalities based on appearances may differ but there is no difference in the Being.

The recognition of this Being is a profound shift in perception where the content being played out as observed through the limited prism of the mind loses appeal. The Being is the place of restfulness and relaxation. It is the very essence that makes all perception possible. It is the unaffected witness of the phenomenal world.

Your belief in your separation from the rest as the separate-self also comes from the Being. Why? To facilitate the flow of life. The nature of stillness is movement, and movement is an appearance within stillness. You think “you” see and perceive things. But the pseudo-perceiver “you” is also a seen object.

YOU are the awareness of being aware. When you get caught up in the movement of life: relationship troubles, financial instability, natural disasters, violence and wars, desire for love and attention, craving for sexual pleasures, and so on, you limit yourself to the limited. Out of the identification with the limited comes fears and desires and an unending pursuit for their fulfillment.

Desires arising from the sense of separation never give true fulfillment. Being is the highest fulfillment. It is wholeness, completeness, perfect the way it is.

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One response to “God-Principle That Illuminates Everything”

  1. Nandashyam Rao Avatar
    Nandashyam Rao

    Truth explained so well. This is to be meditated upon.