Knowledge Beyond Time

Acceptance is the complete understanding that one is not the doer. Then the life transforms into watchfulness that has a completely different quality. In that watchfulness, the character, as an object in manifest, among many others, is witnessed going through life changes. And the need to berate oneself for one’s actions dissolves.

Acceptance is not about achieving perfection. What is perfection? Moreover, who is there to achieve what? It is about embracing the imperfections of life. Imperfection is a part of the creators perfect plan.

Therefore, a consequence is that life becomes spontaneous. Flaws are not seen as personal attributes but happenings happening through conditioning. The true Sage, although bound to causality in duality remains free from it. He lives spontaneously based on his conditioning without over analyzing and over-complicating things, which a commoner cannot help but “do.”

Therefore, this acceptance or insight is not arrived at through intellectual musings of the thinking mind. It is instantaneous! Now! The mind creates the illusion of time – an inference born out of memory. Insight is different from knowledge.

Knowledge always pairs with ignorance, and hence, is incomplete. Whereas, the insight is complete and whole by itself. It needs no refinements. It does not need thinking, which is a function of time. The insight or acceptance is beyond time. So one does not “get” insight. One does not “become” insightful. One “is” the insight!

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Jagjot Singh
Jagjot Singh

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