Seeking Complete Freedom

Every spiritual seeking begins with an assumption they the seeker knows what he or she wants. Usually, what they say is that the search is for peace of mind. 

Seeking begins when one recognizes that they are not at peace, and that there’s a conflict in the deep trenches of the mind which creates discomfort and suffering.

The search begins with an assumption that the seeker is impure, and there’s a path that can lead him to the experience of permanent bliss or nirvana. Therefore, the “impure” seeker begins seeking to become pure seeker in time.

So the seeker goes from ashram to ashram looking for the perfect Guru who can give him (or her) enlightenment. There is an assumption that “I don’t have it.” And some self-realized Guru can give it to me. 

In this journey, for the attainment  of perfect bliss or peace,  the seeker undertakes arduous spiritual practices, spending hours in meditation, reading scriptures, listening to Gurus, practice Kundalini Yoga, and other religious discourses.

And all of the above bring some relief. They are beneficial but the relief is temporary. The seeker experiences deep samadhi in meditation, but the moment he’s back into the mundane life, he again experiences an emptiness that haunts him.

The problem is that, in seeking, the seeker or the subject, assumes himself to be substratum of all experiences. He never questions his own existence. The assumption of the subject’s permanence is the reason why the suffering never ends.

The assumption is that if I attain enlightenment then that will end my pain. But who is this “I.” In other words, who is seeking, and what? The subject is conditioned, therefore, it will always see things from a filtered perspective. The subject cannot see What-Is.

Suffering comes from conditioned perspective – one that creates the subject-object split. Is there a “seeing” without a subject? Is there a possibility to know something totally without invoking the thinking? Is knowing the “truth” a function of time? Look for such a possibility and you may find something extraordinary.

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