Why Are You Stuck In Survival Mode?

If you buy into a limited perception of reality, where you’re told that every day is a struggle for sanity and survival, and the only way to succeed in this bad-mad world is to complete and crush others, then that is what you live with for the rest of your life.

Living in survival mode is a painful existence. Freedom comes from your own attitude towards life. Your reality is defined by what you consume throughout the day, the kind of people you interact with, and the lifestyle choices you make. That dictates the mind that you live with.

Suffering is when thoughts begin to consume you rather than you using thoughts to create something wonderful. While we may have no free Will, but we do the will to make a choice. The universe has given us the volition to make a choice, which I see as a wonderful gift. The results of our actions are never in our control, but we have the choice to make a conscious decision. 

So why live on borrowed ideas and beliefs? Why not create a new paradigm for yourself? Why not make a conscious decision to consume things that hone our crafts and bring out the highest creativity rather than wasting time in endless rumination over an uncertain future? Why not BE here and now?

“When you think about yourself, do you think you’re a puny human that has to struggle for existence and fight for survival? As long as you believe this, that’s the way it’s going to be for you.” – ROBERT ADAMS.

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Jagjot Singh
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