Surrendering all of Your Troubles And Responsibilities To God

Surrendering all your troubles and responsibilities at the feet of God sounds like a good spiritual idea. But is it possible to do that? How many of us have done that successfully? One questions as to who surrenders what and to whom. What is surrender?

We believe that God created man in his own image. But it seems it’s the other way around. The man creates God in his image and projects his personal attributes onto him. Therefore, God becomes all-loving, all-merciful, and Omnibenevolent. Yet, there are days when “he” experiences mood swings and creates wars and natural disasters for a change. Which God do I surrender my responsibilities to?

Surrender is the understanding that everything happens as per the Will of God or cosmic law. However, it is not an intellectual understanding because, you, the pseudo-subject, can never know the Will of God, which is the pure or changeless subject.

Surrender is the awakening of the Heart – the realization that God or consciousness is all there is. This consciousness is not discriminatory. It neither chooses nor changes. It is all-inclusive, representing the total functioning or what we call phenomenality.

Therefore, in surrender, there cannot be a subject-object relationship with God. You cannot surrender to a personal image of God you create in your mind because that image is fleeting and changing. The personal God is not present in deep-sleep, but the restful consciousness is present all the time. Otherwise, how would you know that you slept?

Surrender is not a “doing” of the Ego-mind. It is the timeless recognition that there is no doer-entity that acts out of personal volition, and everything happens as per the Will of God.

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